Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Success at the Kinross Classic Junior Competition

Two weeks ago, some younger associate and members of the club went up to Kinross to play in the prestigious Kinross Classic Junior competition.  This is a long-established competition with a roll-call of great winners in the past - both men and women.

Rebecca Steven skipped Karen Munro and sister Rowena Steven to a great victory in the main event.  The other player was Clare Degan.  This is a real breakthrough for Rebecca and her team - many congratulations to them all.

In the men's event, Gavin Barr played in the team that lost the final.  Many congratulations to Gavin and his team mates for reaching the final - again, another breakthrough.

Meanwhile, in the final of the low road of the competition, Laura and Jane Barr, together with Sophie Sinclair and Emma Hair won the competition - another great performance.

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