Friday, 5 October 2012

Filling in the Scorecards

I wonder if I could ask a favour?

Please could you fill in the names of the skips (even if they are not playing) in the top two lines of the card and also put the competition name and (important this) the date of your game?

When it comes to the listing of the players, it would be helpful if you could put both first and second names (saves me having to check!); please also put an "S" beside any substitute in the team.

When marking your score, rather than put a "0" if you have not scored at an end, it is easier for me to count the ends if you just put a horizontal line.  Finally, please total up the two scores and put the total in the total box at the bottom of the card before reminding the two skips to sign.

It is typically up to the second player in the teams to keep the score.  We ask for two cards to be filled in: one goes to Jenny and the other comes to me so that I can update the website.

Many thanks.

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